Les Grandes Misères de la guerre 

Les Grandes Misères de la guerre , The Great Miseries of Waror The Miseries and Misfortunes of War) are a series of 18 etchings by French artist Jacques Callot (1592–1635), titled in full Les Misères et les Malheurs de la Guerre. Despite the grand theme of the series, the images are in fact only about 83 mm x 180 mm each, and are called the „large” Miseries to distinguish them from an even smaller earlier set on the same subject.[1] The series, published in 1633, is Callot’s best-known work and has been called the first „anti-war statement” in European art.[2] It can also be considered as an early prototypical French comic strip, within the text comics genre, since the illustrations are accompanied by a descriptive text beneath the images.[3]


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