Personal alchemy

Tin Man – Wizard of Oz




This drummer, beating. Beating ever since I have known him. My drummer. Pounding and pounding, unending. But inevitably ending. My drummer that drums, that leaves me asleep, that I feel in my wake. And everything in between.

Your beat, chaotic and tranquil. My drummer. A domain of sin, a haven of goodness. With your out-of-the-way house, and your out-of-the-way ways. I can’t but think — if I put you out of my way, the things I could move. If I put you out of my way, the things I would lose. And your battles with the driver. The driver, my mind. Have made me a ship with two captains. Steering me apart to doom. My own beater.

Darting eyes across the room, darting eyes at each other. For a split second you skipped a beat. In a split second I died — and was reborn. Louder than ever, almost to sever. Love at first sight. Oh! what a plight. My drummer, you have won this fight. Now two drummers have become one. But remember, happy days, are still just days. My drummer that drums.

“And of His signs is that He created for you from yourselves mates that you may find tranquillity in them; and He placed between you affection and mercy. Indeed in that are signs for a people who give thought.”(Q30:V21)

This union of two, has birthed three. These ropes you’ve tied, has made you free.
My drummer that bleeds. The loss of one, is making you burn. Your beat is dwindling, for you feel no need. I understand you mourn. But after every dark night, still comes the morn. My drummer that drums, please keep on drumming.

Over the years, you have given a piece. A piece of yourself that has added to you. I look around in this room. Even though my eyes are failing, I can still put the pieces together with you, my drummer. In this room stand your children. And your children’s children. Although you’ve lost half of you, you stand amidst infinite love.

Remember the days things looked blue, but cherish that which you now have. Some few seconds feel like all the time in the world. And all the time in the world feels like some few seconds.
Now, your beat has ended, and my dance is over. My dear drummer that drums. My dear drummer has stopped.


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