Protestant Church in the Netherlands

The Netherlands Reformed Church and the Evangelical Lutheran Church emerged from the Reformation in the Netherlands in the 16th century and since then have existed side by side with each other.

The Reformed Churches in the Netherlands were created in 1892 by the merger of two groups of congregations which came into being as a result of schisms in the Netherlands Reformed Church: the Secession in 1834 and the so-called ‘Doleantie’ in 1886.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church had been an independent Church from the very beginning of the Reformation. In political and societal life the Lutheran church had been discriminated against for centuries. Like other dissenters (Mennonites, Arminians) they did not enjoy equal rights with the established Reformed church until the end of the 18th century

Together on the Way

The Netherlands Reformed Church and the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands have grown closer together, especially since the Second World War. In 1961 nine ministers of each church gave further impetus to a ‘Together On the Way’ process, by jointly publishing the declaration of ‘The Eighteen’. Since then the synods of both churches have sought rapprochement step by step. In 1986 they announced that they were ‘in a process of reunification’. From that year the Evangelical Lutheran Church was also involved in the process of unification.

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